Are Dreams a Vision of the Afterlife?

Do we create our own heaven and hell?

In dreams we are eternally young, fit and strong. We are never bored or homesick. This discussion group explores dreamworld; what dreams teach us and how it might affect society and religion

A young innocent dreaming. Could her dreams be a vision of life after death?
child innocence in dreamland

What if it were true and how we lived our life affected our dreams. Leading a good life could result in eternal heavenly pleasant dreams in which you are forever young, and all those things you wanted in life come true. A wicked life could lead to horrible nightmares in which all those terrible things you did in life haunt you. Like “Groundhog Day”, your evil replays itself ad infinitum. You might be driven to exhaustion by your guilt, fear, rage or hate . No matter how sorry you become, how much remorse you show, it may never end.
1. What can we learn from dreams to prove or disprove this theory?
2. Innocent children have nightmares, so how does this affect such an idea?
3. Would such a belief make life better or worse?
4. How might it affect religion and society?
5. How would this affect peoples belief in God?

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