Heaven Would be Boring

I am amazed at how many sites I visit where the main reason against heaven in any shape or form is simply boredom. An eternity of doing basically the same things over and over, just seems worse than believing in nothing after death.

This was one reason I felt dreams taught us such a valuable lesson concerning┬átime. It is not measured in days, weeks or years. Nor, do I ever recall a dream where I ever said to myself in the dream “I am bored”. Instead it is a life of action every moment. There is always something to be done, some problem to solve, some danger to avoid. Only when I wake do I sometimes think how boring the dream was, but never during the dream.

This leads me to wonder why? Why do we dream, and if we do dream forever, then why? I think the reason could be that our dreams are some sort of power, and this power could be what actually runs the entire universe. This may just be the real reason we exit in the first place. It makes sense when you think everything in nature is recycled. Everything has a purpose. Perhaps it could be that good dreams create greater power than bad or evil dreams. Or maybe evil dreams create negative unusable power.